Today's Wordle Answer #522 – November 23, 2022 Solution And Hints

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We were lucky enough to solve today's Wordle answer in only two guesses, and we want to spread the good luck! If you're struggling with the puzzle, here are some hints that should nudge you towards the answer in record time. If you don't mind the spoiler, you can skip to the second section for the full reveal of the answer.

Today's word is a very popular one, and its letter combination is pretty straightforward as well. It has two vowels, "I" and "E," as its third and fifth letters respectively, just like yesterday's Wordle answer. If you take a trip in a vehicle, you have gone on a [solution word], and you [solution word] when you operate said vehicle. You'll also find the solution word on a computer, as well as in a determined or spirited person. If you replaced the third letter with "O," you'd have a new word which is the past tense of the solution word, and also a noun that's synonymous with "herd" or "pack."

The answer is motivating

person in driver's seat of car


The solution to today's Wordle puzzle is drive. The word is from Old English "drīfan," which means to urge, compel, or rush against — itself of Germanic origin. It is also related to Dutch "drijven," which means to drive or push.

Today, as usual, we went for a random starting word, "hound." It turned one tile yellow and narrowed down possible solutions to 134, from the standard 2,315. Plus, WordleBot called it a distinctive opening guess, and it's not everyday that you get a compliment from the all-knowing Bot. "Drive" happened to be our second guess, and it was super thrilling to see the tiles turn green so early. Even more satisfying was the fact that WordleBot took four tries to solve the puzzle (at this point, it's become petty to be in constant competition with an AI program, but we're doing it for the humans).

We hope you find this article early enough to solve the puzzle in record time, and if you don't, here are more games like Wordle to try your hands at.